Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Warning

Are you a fan of this blog?  Well, that's bad news because it means you likely don't exist.  Did you find this blog searching for modern porn?  Well, even worse news -- this day is not going well for you, is it?

Do you remember my month long ... er ... celebration of Orgy of the Dead?  Or the month long, let's be honest, digging up and kicking the corpse of The Adventures of Lucky Pierre?  You do?  How much worse can this day get?

But ... if you are a time traveler from the 1960s and looking for porn, you're finally in luck!  All next month we are bringing you a movie that features:
  • third hand imitation of a second hand character
  • a guy that was so cartoonishly sleazy he installed a two way mirror in a woman's bathroom
  • a gaggle of monsters
  • a bevy of beauties
  • a twist ending so shocking you might actually sit through a month of this crap

March is The House on Bare Mountain Month.  Just like Caesar, you've been warned.

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