Sunday, February 24, 2013

Greta Ghoul on the Winter Blahs

Greta Ghoul loves the color white as much as the next frigid princess of the cold realms, but enough with the snow!

This constant snowing makes it hard to maintain my air of constant disdainful discontent with anything composed of matter.  That said, I do blend in well with the snow, which allows me to creep up on my enemies and surprise them with my deepest stare of disapproval.  This list is large, and it includes:

  • The guy serving the meat at Old Country Buffer who refused to pour the bloody beef drippings on my Rice Krispie Treat.
  • That bitch Brenda who bought a studded choker because her boyfriend thought it was sexy.  It is not sexy!  It's the leash that ties you to the eternal darkness!
  • To said Brenda's boyfriend, who mentioned that his friend Gooch might be willing to show me "a good time if I lose the clown paint and bought him a 6-pack."
  • To the dark lord Azathoth for not listing to my black pleas and infesting Gooch with copious amounts of demon worms.

I guess you could say I'm disappointed.


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