Monday, February 11, 2013

Grandma Gets in on the Action

Hot-cha and 21 skidoo!  This blog has been full of filthy pictures lately and that's sure to draw in the wolves!  Russian wolves.  Russian wolves with spam accounts, but wolves non-the-less!

This blog has just done what it so quaintly calls a review of Deadly Weapons, a movie who's two selling points aren't very pointed, and when in motion probably make a slapping noise that sounds like somebody throwing a chunk of playdoh against cement!

Now Grandma has the fun bags all the kids are raring up to grab!  They are coming for miles, riding in their jalopies -- and their crazy bicycles with that one big wheel -- just for a peek!  Sure, they aren't as perky as they used to be, and they look a little bit like a wet sponge in a leaky grain bag, but Grandma knows how to use them and that's what's important!

Back in my days we hadn't invented the bra yet, so there's a bit of wear-and-tear from old man gravity, well, a bit more tear than wear but hot glue can work wonders if you pack it in with a trowel!  They might be pointing south, but I like to think of them as conveniently placed on a lower self!

Grandma's a swinger in more ways than one!

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