Thursday, February 7, 2013


How dare you talk back to your Mistress Syr-Darya like that!

I will teach you pain like you have never know!  All the sufferings of hell will be visited upon your willing flesh!  You will beg me to stop, but seeing that I am the type of woman that paints the curtains, candles, and one corner of my table red, I can not be stopped!

Ow?  How dare you say Ow, slave, or even Oww, or Owwww.  All those are bad!  Though you are the same lovely shade as week-old Mountain Dew, I can no longer torture you!  I must find a new slave!

Candidates, forward!

Too much lip!

Too racist!

Too burnt!!!!

Just Right!

Come here, you annoying little bisected smurf!  That "O" is going to be where I attach all the nipple clips!

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