Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love: A Many Snark-ied Thing Part 11

A couple surprising facts about the cover to Cowgirl Romances #8:
  • Bright purple and green shirts were regulation trail wear on the dusty plains
  • Female butts were exceedingly well defined in frontier mini skirts
  • Out on the range, it wasn't uncommon to see a radioactive green sunset
  • The law of the old west: guy who forgets his cowboy scarf gets branded
  • Butts.  Butts.  Right in the center of the cover!  Butts!
  • Cows were orange and red in the 1800s.  Why do you think the uncooked beef is red?
  • Someone is not wearing panties
  • Butts (thanks, bored 1950s artists!)

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