Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love: A Many Snark-ied Thing Part 16

Uh ... yee ha?

It's natural for the two finest fillies in the west to both want Earl Gillicutty, the most tan man in the entire state of Texas.  His kisses are so powerful that they don't even have to connect to send the women-folk reeling.  These women will even brave the gates of some strange crimson hell for his loving, though that fiery pit does seem to have a pretty nice horse stable in it.  All in all, there's some pros and cons to this shrieking pit of despair.

The horse really wants nothing to do with any of this, especially as his rider is charging him face first into a lantern.

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John Kerr said...

OK he has on .. blush? I am makeup ignant, something that makes your cheeks redder? Or even worse its that japanese animation embarassment that the charaxcters always get when they are turned on. So why is he turned on? The horse riding doninatrix is obviouslyu spanking him with her riding crop! And the horse has a fire phobia so this isnt going to end well. Also he obviously is date raping the unconscious girl in the skirt. Was GHB around in those times?