Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love: A Many Snark-ied Thing Part 12

I want boobs on that cover!

But sir, I don't know how to draw boobs!  Heck, I barely have any compositional skills whats-so-ever!  I am, though, good with doily borders!

Boobs or you're fired!  Must be equally as big as Guy Mitchell's giant noggin!

Who is Guy Mitchell, you ask?  I suspect this guy: Guy Mitchell.  What a big band pop singer knows about trusting in love, especially one married 3 times, is open to question.  Especially trusting love when your date is clearly a vampire that stole Conan O'Brien's hair.

Bad News: Will kill you and force you to join a coven of the undead.
Good News: Vampires focus on your neck and will tend to ignore mutant breasts.

1 comment:

John Kerr said...

Two thoughts: (1) he is a vampire and (2): if not he is such a lousy kisser that she is damn near passing out with non-interest, or having a stroke. Oh and bonus thought (3): I'd pay 5 bucks in real life to pull the top down on that pair of breasts, purely for scientific analysis reasons. The one on the left apparently has a tiny mouth? it's been known to snap a nosy index finger right off!