Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Spaghetti Strip: Sexy Proibitissimo, Part 5

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In this segment of Sexy Proibitissimo, we have two more historical stripping scenes.  The first is the cliché Lady Godiva.  Let's get right to the nude lady and an embarrassed horse.

Lady Godiva, the non-candy version.

Notice the horse has blinders on ... was the horse some kind of pervert that kept ruining the shot, or is this a reflection on the actress they got to play this part?  Is that why they shot her from a distance? Does a series of questions constitute a joke?  On this blog it does!

Bonus poop joke/question: Is it good to ride a white horse when you are wearing no pants?

I hope they follow this up with something in good taste:

The blood stain is a nice touch in your stripping movie!

Really movie.  Really.

Let's hope this doesn't go down a dark path, but I suspect the path we are about to embark upon is filled with trolls, ogres, and a director who probably spent his early years burying his sister's dolls up to their necks and then running over them with a lawn mower.


Gallows Pole: The Musical was a really terrible idea.

Nothing screams "sexy stripping" like stripping done to save yourself from dying a grisly death in the guillotine!  What next, movie?  Stripping to avoid the punch at Jonestown?

Yes, this scene is exactly what it seems.  To avoid getting beheaded, this woman does a strip show for the execution.  I wonder how much she's in to it?

Just what I want in my stripping movie -- mortal terror on the stripper.

About that much.

Not that anything in this movie went through any kind of committee, but did nobody speak up about this?  Nobody on the set?

"Hey, director, I know you want me to dress up as an executioner and watch a woman strip with a look of horror on her face, but maybe we could find some other historical time to strip to, like, I don't know, like stripping during the mass suicide at Masada?  Just an ideal!"

Keep the bonnet on, the executioner likes that!

Now, a long way to go for a joke: Our lady survives the French revolution, unlike Marie Antoinette, who gave the people the wrong slice of pie.

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