Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Spaghetti Strip: Sexy Proibitissimo, Part 7

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Did you read too much Heavy Metal magazine when you were young and developed a fetish for bug-eyed monsters and naked woman?  You have?  Well, get ready to have that fetish ground into the dust.  After this final segment of Sexy Proibitissimo you'll incinerate all your copies of Heavy Metal and then bury the ashes at the crossroads so they might never rise again.

Let's not land here, it looks moldy.

Our final segment starts with rocket ship orbiting a planet made exclusively of swamp water and stale bread.  Out of all the sci-fi I've seen, a rocket ship orbiting a planet has never lead to stripping, but maybe this is some kind of intergalactic house-call stripping service?  It's probably the only service where you not only have to specify male or female, but also note the number of tentacles.*

* sure to get google hits.

Uh, sexy?

The set is certainly goofy, but it's still way to expensive (remember this was the 60s) for a simple stripping movie.  I suspect a general sci-fi set was used. When the next serious sci-fi film was shot here, did they wonder why there was glitter and panties everywhere?

Space panties or extra aluminum foil?

For some reason not mentioned by the movie, our space babe starts stripping.  Did she check the atmosphere before hand?  It's fun to watch a stripper with big breasts, but not because the pressure is wrong and her body is slowly inflating before it pops like a whale carcass.

This advanced alien race has mastered the use of cardboard backdrops.

Our audience, a couple bucks of plastic tubes from the local hardware store, are sitting in mute appreciation of this sexy dance, or, more than likely, wondering what the hell this pink blobby thing is up to.  Is it aggressive?  Why does it keep shaking it's fatty deposits?  Should they get the atomic guns ready before it starts leaving stains everywhere?

Frolicking amongst the paper-mache!

And so ends Sexy Proibitissimo and my worst typing nightmare, except when I get back to the missing monster segments for my two months of Halloween.  Yea, I guess?

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