Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Spaghetti Strip: Sexy Proibitissimo, Part 6

It new to this series, start here.

We are skipping three segments of Sexy Proibitissimo -- and a wild cheer goes up in the peanut gallery -- because I'm saving them for the two months of Halloween celebration.  There's stripping (actually, more rolling around with various spinal injuries) and monsters.  This next segment doesn't have a monster ...


I stand corrected!

What we have here is the start of a Japanese stripping segment.  Japanese, you say?  What's Japanese about anything in that frame?  I'm sorry that, unlike me, you aren't a cultured world traveller.  That is, in fact, the Egyptian Jackal God, Anubis, who is very, very Japanese.  Totally Japanese.

Well, he likes anime, I heard.  And that one "I'm Turning Japanese" song.

If you buy that, than you'll buy that the featured stripper is very much an Asian dancer, and not another Italian woman.

The digital pause again ruins a perfectly good strip routine.

She has all the hallmarks of a Japanese woman, especially the flaming red hair and the giant, grotesque granny panties.

If this was really Japanese, they'd blur the whole scene!

The leaning tower of dork.

There's a short, Benny Hill-ish type skit next, if you remove the Benny Hill, the music, the kinetic movement, the humor, and the involuntary action that keeps bile in my stomach.

Basically, it's an old guy staring at women in bikinis.  Ladies and gentleman, filler in a stripping film!

A drunk sailor character does not bode well for the plot of a stripper movie.

Our next segment features a drunken sailor peering (there's an "r" in that) into an empty bottle.  With any luck, this scene will end with him being drugged and shanghaied away to work grueling hours on a boat and develop scurvy and a tender love for a small hole in the aft deck.

But it doesn't.  Instead, magically appearing in the bottle is ... and I know how shocking a revelation this will be ... another stripper.

Wow, Barbra Eden is a real looker!

This one actually decides to smile while dancing, which makes me wonder:  what is it with the grim countenance of most of these 60s strippers?  It's like somebody is yelling "strip or the puppy dies" right off camera!

I guess this one absolutely hates puppies.

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