Friday, August 17, 2012

Attractive, Hot Single Ladies 7

Normally we try our best to push our lovely ... ladies ... but even we think we might have crossed a line on this one and you're probably best served ... oh no, no no ... she's coming!  Run!

Hi there.  How are you?  I'm fine!  A matter of fact, I'm better than fine, never felt better in my life!

Don't you believe me?  Of course you do!  Don't be silly!  Everybody likes me!  Everybody believes me!  People that don't like me, well, they don't exist!  We don't have to talk about them!

What are my likes?  You know, I've never really thought about it that way.  I know what I don't like.  People who aren't my friends.  People who say they like me but then never return my calls.  I just hate those kind of people.  Hate.  Hate hate hate hate ... but they don't exist!  Well, at least not anymore.

What kind of stuff do you like?  Ah, who cares!  I know what you like!  Me!  Me me me me me me ME!  You like my smarts, my looks, my food, my friends, everything.  I am your entire universe!  You live inside me, your every second revolves around my life and don't think for a second it doesn't or you don't pick up the phone or you don't tell me how smart and pretty I am or you don't do things that I don't like and have gotten people hurt or just gone or just things happen or just ... just ...

You're pretty!  Let's date!  Hey, we are a couple now!  I love you!

(Art by Joe Kurbert, 1926-2012, Rest in Peace, you've given all of us decades of great work and raised the comic medium immensely.)

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