Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Dig Chicks

Real life keeps getting in the way of me being my regular laugh-a-minute self (easy because nobody can stand me for more than a minute), so you get crappy content like this.  Note: It's because I need to make sure I can do one post a day for October.

So don't push me you bastards I swear to the dark lord below I'll find each and every one of you and feed your gall bladders to my pet parakeet Mr. Shiny Pancake.

That was probably uncalled for.

Reasons Why This is the Best Album Cover Ever

Just look at it!

Big hair!  Saturn-5 level rocket boobs!  Enough junk in the trunk to seduce a monk to get in a bunk and do the funk (I'm truly sorry.)  Construction equipment!  The 60's version of Comic Sans!  The 60s version of photoshop!

And who wouldn't want to be with these women?  They are exciting and wild, look at how they flaunt OSHA rules!  Only one is wearing sensible flats (but that butt should require it's own safety and rigging equipment), but the other has high-helled sandals (to no-nos in one footwear!) and the other has bare feet.  The fourth is missing the bottom half of her body and probably shouldn't be on any construction site.

I hope her injury wasn't related to some idiot attempting to pick her up with a giant steel scoop.

Also, most importantly, using this image means I don't need to follow though on my planned overview of 60s granny panties.  Sadly, I'm not kidding.

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