Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween 2013: Even More Charlie Brown Costume Improvements

As fans of the Peanuts Halloween special know, Charlie Brown's DIY costume is pretty pathetic.

Also notice the single star in this frame.  It seems the animators had that same DIY aesthetic rub off on them!  Or, possibly, it's a UFO, a hold over from the time the script was much darker and full of probing scenes, which would nicely tie up the with the additional holes in the costume.

Hollywood, call me.

So, let's see what quick improvements Charlie Brown could have made.

Marie Antoinette

This costume is a rather simple fix requiring only a hacksaw, a comedy wig, and the ability to survive without a head.


Another costume with very little additional prep; just track down a werewolf and get him to bite you, with bonus points awarded if it's a sexy female werewolf ala The Howling.

Cartoon Mallet Damage

Finally, a costume only requiring one other item, a large mallet.  If you can't find a mallet, you can try to use the badly-drawn rock.

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