Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween 2013: Sexy Costume Fix 6

We are a couple days away from October, and that's when I unveil my 31 days of Halloween posts.  It's sure to be a classic bit of internet comedy -- that is if you only compare it to this blog and those really sad big-eyed dog paintings.  So, stick around for that!

And with that, we have time to squeeze in one more Sexy Costume Fix, where this blog and my drunk snail level photo editing skills fix the season's sexy costumes.

Today's Costume
Sexy Skunk

It exists.  My photo editing skills aren't that good.

Normally I create some silly after image, but this time I think it's better to delve into PSA terroritory.  Really, don't get this costume.  Yes, you might think it makes you look cute and sexy, but the world is full of some very terrible people.

People who have no ideas of boundaries.
People who routinely make unwanted advances towards women, and never seem to be called on it or suffer any punishment.

I'm not attempting to blame the victim, but a skunk costume is just asking for it.  For example:

The great thing about this blog?  Every time I think I've hit peak stupid, I have another idea!

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