Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halloween 2013: Sexy Costume Fix 4

Think of these September posts as the run-up to what will surely be one of the most fondly remembered 31-day, Halloween-based, internet comedy pieces ... or at least that's how I comfort myself when I'm coming down from the mellowcreme pumpkin high.

Great sites like Dinosaur Dracula and i-Mockery can do two months, so I feel that I can do it, too, or at least attempt a lame version of it.  It's better than my usual begging for comments!

Now, a return of one of last season's favorite bits [note: possible pumpkin high crash, bit my not be favorite of anybody] where I fix "sexy" Halloween costumes.

Today's Costume
Sexy Skeleton

The problem?  Not that scary, and it doesn't really read "skeleton," it reads "sexy woman decided to paint room off-white in black lingerie."

This can definitely be improved.

I think a certain great, classic horror actor could fix this ...

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