Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Boobataan Death March: Night School for Interns, Part 3

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Here we go.  Buckle in and get those drool cups ready.  With this post, we go from slightly creepy to uber-creepy, with a dash of menace.  Note: After the next installment, this one will look positively quaint.  I don't know if that's a warning or a sign to get under the desk and pray to random gods for salvation.  They will not listen.

Just saw her own haircut in the mirror.

Our creepy lesbian nurse intern -- honestly, watch this movie to see what every crazy misogynist thinks lesbians are like -- gets our patient to disrobe.  She is very, very upset about this.  As it turns out, that's not a dress, but red, welted scar tissue that is being ripped off.  It explains how anybody could go outside dressed like that.

Why, that's not disconcerting at all!

As this sexy undressing is happening ... wait, did I use the word sexy there?  Sorry, my mistake, I've reviewed too many of these shorts.  I meant as this "like a vivisection of a boil on Satan's testicles" undressing, our doctor gets in a little creepy peeping action.

He seems quite excited.  I could only imagine that he'd have a grand mal seizure if he saw a woman that actually had an appealing haircut other than one that looks like somebody glued a furby pelt on her head.

Yes, the hideousness of that haircut is something I can't stop mentioning!

OCD alert: Fix the slats on that shade!

Bad sign your doctor is a pervert -- if he rubs his hands together and goes "hee-hee."  Also, tongue depressors taste like date-rape drugs.

Who put the serial killer in my nudie film?

As the doctor begins his examination, it's time for the intern nurse to do a little lewd and somewhat sleepy leering.  Maybe she got into the tongue depressors?

It's nice to see her really open up the craft of naked lady spying.  She's done away with the previous -- and it seems wholly unnecessary -- element of stealth, and basically just hangs out in the door frame.  Bravo, scary stalker lady.  Bravo for blazing a path that all creeps can follow!

I obscured it, but it's a stethoscope ... not a milking tube.

The examination, obviously, centers on the breasts, and not the real medical mystery -- how she can survive with that terrible haircut.

By the way, bravo to the whomever did the costumes (read: nobody.)  That doctor's uniform is 3 sizes too small.  It's that kind of attention to detail we deserve in our make-a-quick-buck nudie shorts.

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