Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unknown Comics, Part 1

One of the lesser known comics was a version of HGTV's Love It or List It.  Probably lesser known for a good reason.  It seems a lot more risqué than the show.

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Comic page from the awesome Pappy's Golden Age.


Daniel [] said...

The Ibistick would be, like, totally quivering with rage about this, Mr Barnes!

Ibis and Taia had a notably chaste relationship, given that they were madly in love and lived together — sleeping in separate rooms, mind you!

(My theory is that they wanted to get married first, but found themselves thwarted, as the last priest of their religion had died more than a thousand years before Taia was reïncarnated and Ibis woke-up.)

Brian Barnes said...

Oddly enough, it's the exact same problem on Love It or List It!