Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Boobataan Death March: Night School for Interns, Part 5

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Thank the dark gods; this is the last part for this short, but by far the most disturbing.

Remember where we left off?  Our nurse intern had just gotten away from an attempted rape by the doctor.  What should her next move be?  Call the cops?  Taser his balls until they turn a brilliant shade of ash?

5 obscuring comedy pictures, a new record!

... or just go and try to rape the patient!

I don't have words for this, which puts me, a comedy blog author, in a bind, because what happens next ...

Quick, we need to turn this turtle over before it starves!

Is the doctor and the nurse fight over who gets to rape the patient!

I have even less words for this, but I think if I dig deep, I might find some.  It starts with "What" has "the" in the middle and ends with "by all that is holy I want everybody involved with this, even the person who rented out the doctor's office -- and that probably didn't know this was going to be filmed there -- to be keel-hauled naked on the flying dutchmen after it went through a field of particularly bad teenage mollusks with switch-blades."

It's Violet Beauregard, after the plum!

During the struggle, the conveniently placed tank of Nitrous Oxide gets turned on -- yes, during the struggle the nurse bumps into it and then grabs it and turns it, all by mistake.  That's possible, at least in a cosmos with multiple parallel universes.

This means it's certainly possible that the nurse could have also -- by mistake -- stuck scalpels into everybody's necks and ended this atrocious short.  But, no.  Not so lucky.  Wrong reality!

We've got another minute of people laughing like maniacs.  Think I'm exaggerating?  Well, feast your eyes on this abomination:

The ball tasing has begun!

Any movie that puts this image (remember: of a rapist!) at it's end deserves it's own special circle of hell, hopefully a circle at the end of sewage line for the hell beast toilets in all the other circles.  Still, I don't think this image properly sums up my feelings towards this pieces that resembles a cinematic beating in a back alley.

Let's fix that.

Not MS Paint.  Same skill level, though.

It's not on the video, but it's how you'll feel.

That's the end of Night School For Interns, and it's awful marching music.  For some good music, visit the Cerne Giant SoundCloud widget to the right.  Listen.  Love it!  Buy an album!  Support me continuing to write about terrible nudie shorts.  Wait, that's probably not the best way to get you to spend money, is it?

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