Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pulped, Part 1

A new series where we take a quick look at some pulp magazines, with the required snark.  Thanks to The Field Guide to Wild American Pulp Artists.

Before Stella went to college, she was warned to stay away from the Hookum Skull.  Many a virtuous young women was drawn into the evil and sinful world of heavy eye-liner by said skull.  She scoffed, how bad could the Hookum Skull be?  Surely, one draw from the skull of one of those big-headed aliens from Star Trek couldn't be that bad ...

Well, maybe you should ask Stella now.  Where is she?  She's down by the river cleaning her food in the water with her raccoon paws.  There's not enough eye-liner in the world to fix what's wrong with her now.

Note: If "Seabury Quinn" is a real name I'll eat the Hookum Skull myself.


Pappy said...

Brian, yes, Seabury Grandin Quinn was a real name. Born in 1889, Quinn died just short of his 80th birthday in 1969. He was a writer, magazine editor and even a lawyer.

Brian Barnes said...

Pappy, I think that's the most effective and terrifyingly damaging stepping on a joke I've ever seen! :)