Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pulped, Part 8

31 days of jerky skeletons is almost upon us, so let's take a quick, soothing break with lurid pulp covers, so lurid that you might almost call them spicy, but you wouldn't, because that's a blisteringly dumb name.

More mystery bras!  More granny panties!  More gruesome dead guys!  And more ... BATMAN?  Is there somebody Bob Kane didn't rip off?

So, this woman has just rolled out of bed with her painted on bra and slightly misplaced nipples, picked up a 5 inch section of pipe with her medusa hair, arrived at the odd architecture of a bannister without stairs, just in time to see the hung monster corpse get sucked into the sky by an alien tractor beam.  Boy are they going to be surprised when they try to anal probe that!

Scan from The Field Guide to Wild American Pulp Artists.

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