Monday, September 1, 2014

More improved Charlie Brown Costumes

Every Halloween this blog tries to think of quick and easy ways to improve Charlie Brown's relatively lackluster ghost costume.  Here's a few more suggestion.  Before trying these, ask a grown up for help, or at least the attendant in the insane asylum you are currently residing in if you are really thinking of trying any of these crappy overlaid drawings.

Brain-Eating Ameba

This is a good costume for the kids who desire a career in the CDC, or just anybody with liquified brains dripping out of their eye sockets.


That quick, subliminal face in the Exorcist makes a fine costume, sure to be admired by the 1% of the population that actually survived the trauma of seeing it without immediately erasing it from their minds.  Also, film nerds.  Or ancient Assyrians. 

The Human Charliepede

Ask you mom to help sew you friends mouth-to-anus.  You should probably find the the most convenient time to ask, more than likely, not over diner.

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