Monday, September 29, 2014

Pulped, Part 9

One more before we shambled into Skeletons are Jerks! Halloween Celebration of ... jerky skeletons. It doesn't sound nearly as fun that way.

This brings back some bad memories.  I once married a corpse, and on our wedding night, I found out she wasn't Satan's virgin.  I was very disappointed.  Also, I was disappointed by that joke, as I meant to finish it out with the author's name, Ray Cummings, but just couldn't pull the trigger on that one.


Our lass seems dressed in adhesive tape rather than bandages, and I don't think it's the skeletal Egyptians that are what's making her worried, but that they just might rip some of that off.  Less worrisome is the pig-nosed guard in the back, if he dares pull up that thorn whip it's going to rake right across his back, and you don't want to get hurt and fall down those stairs because this pyramid looks to be designed by Escher.

Follow the line of site on the woman, she's looking right at that bracelet.  "That's a pretty piece on that mummy skeleton that going to mummify me alive.  Should I ask him where he got it?"

Scan from The Field Guide to Wild American Pulp Artists.

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