Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mr. Jinks has a Complaint

So like, um, yeah, Mr Jinks here.

Yeah, I've got a complaint.  It's like, I'm glad I have a job and all.  I mean, obviously, I like the job, almost as much as I, uh, seem to like the word "like".

But, you think, in the holiday spirit, Hanna Barbera might have spent like, a little extra, or, uh, something, on the show.  I know they had to like, pay me, and like pay Pixie and Dixie, but, like, ya know ...

OK, like, here's an example.  That dog that I always seem to fall into the jaws of whenever I'm hatin' them meeces to pieces?

His sound effect is a guy going "arf."

What, am I to, like, assume that none of the hundreds of people at Hanna Barbera had a dog?  They just, like, ya know, pulled in the janitor and said "bark for us" and he said "arf" and then sound guy said "maybe we should do another take" and then everybody just laughed and went out for wings?

I'm sorry, it's like, uh, this gets me down, ya know?  It's hard enough knowing they spent only 10 seconds coming up with, like, my verbal ticks.

"What should we do?"
"How about cliche stoner?  That'll teach those jerks at Ruby-Spears!"

Thanks guys, really, I mean, like thanks.  I'm now the furry version of Shaggy.  I'm glad Funky Phantom wasn't a hit!

Ya know, like, it could be worse ... at least my name isn't Pixie.

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