Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red Hot Riding Hood's Grandma's Thoughts on the Holidays

Hot Dog, a Wolf!

Let Grandma tell you what she loves about the Holidays!  Sit down on my lap, and ... no, not you!  Get lost you little brat, I mean that handsome hunk of meat that's your dad!  Yeah, slide that hot tuckus onto Grandma's knee!

One of my favorite parts is all the great songs and lyrics!  Like Merry Christmas!  Like Deck the Halls!  Like "Once you go gray, you can't stay away!"

Yes, that's an actual lyric.  It's in "Here comes Santa Claus" somewhere!  La la ... Santa Lane ... stay away ... fa la ... just trust me on this.

Another of my favorite things is unwrapping presents.  I'll bet there are some things you can think of that need to be unwrapped!  What's insides might not be new but it's certainly well worn and comfortable!

My favorite of all has to be mistletoe ... which, well, how surprising ... seems to be right over us now ...

... run along you little snot nosed gremlins, Grandma's got some tinsel to hang on the tree!

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