Monday, December 26, 2011

Criswell Predicts

Criswell, seer of all, reports from the distance future!

Many years from now, men shall no longer speak, but communicate through snappy show tunes!  "Miriam the Librarian" shall mean "Where is the nearest subway?"

There shall be great cities built on Mars .... by space porcupines!

In the future, people will no longer refer to their favorite fast food restaurant by it's real name, but shall instead use special future names, like "Taco Smell" and "Booger King."

In the future, many things we know now will be referred to as "ancient history" .... by space porcupines!

After a time, humans will no longer have a big toe; instead, they will have one enormous toenail shaped exactly like the missing toe!

Rising sea levels will force humanity to grow a new organ that resembles and functions the same as a horse-shaped flotation device!

Computers will no longer be programmed by humans, but will instead be programmed by dogs!  The only software that will be writen is:

10 print "snausages"
20 goto 10

Soon, bouffants shall make a comeback ... but only out of back hair ... of space porcupines!

And The Black Ghoul Responds:

Wait, you said you got me this bouffant at the store!

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