Sunday, April 8, 2012

Attractive, Hot Single Ladies 2

More hot singles waiting for your call!

SSFBLGHT (Single Skull Faced Beauty in a Lime Green Halter Top) seeks a man who isn't irritated by the constant clacking noise my jaw makes when I cackle manically in the moonlight.

I'm looking for a man that values love over all other concerns, for instance, needs love more than the tip of his nose.  I'm not saying anything is likely to happen, I just want someone who will understand -- if it happens, again, maybe -- that it's a sign of endearment when if I chew off his nose, and not a demonic compulsion to eat the flesh of the living.

I am also willing to do ... that ... but you'll need to sign a consent form as I have no lips.  I can't be held responsible, certainly not after the nose incident -- I mean not that that would happen again either.  Just sayin'!

Do you like long, blood red hair?  If not, don't worry, the blood washes out!

Likes? Big noses and leverage
Dislikes: Small noses and picky men "oh, I need that to smell!"  Jeeze!  Man Up!

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