Monday, April 16, 2012

Hordak Has Fooled The Nerds!

Attention internet nerds, Hordak has fooled you!

You assumed Hordak was through with you after SOPA died, but it was a trick!  SOPA has been resurrected using the mysticism of Cthulhu and greed (well, 99% greed, 1% Cthulhu) and the most ancient and powerful magic of them all:  A new name!

While you were busy creating your Bleach-uto cos-play costumes and burning wicker baskets at the bummed man festival, Hordak has once again outmaneuvered and out-smarted you!

Now that SOPA is called ... well ... something ... Hordak couldn't get "the google" to work right ... everything is coming up roses; roses that spurt out $100 bills at Hordak!  Soon Hordak will be rich and I will have my own castle and I can finally shut Skeletor up!

What, are you telling me they now allow moats around shacks?  Ha ha ha ha ha!


Hordak will remember this when it's time for a raise ... of which Hordak has never given but this time I won't even consider it!

What is with these corporate overlords?  It's almost as if they don't appreciate Hordak's gusto to destroy the world's most important information and network system for obscene profits!

What does Hordak have to do?  Kill puppies?  Drown kittens?  Actually take Red Hot Riding Hood's Grandma on a date?

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