Monday, May 14, 2012

Attractive, Hot Single Ladies 4

These ladies are waiting for you to call!  What's the hold up?  You know what a phone is, right?  It's that thing you kids play Angry Dig Dug or whatever on.  Call!  Some of these ladies won't last long!

I'm looking for a man that can stand the burning fires of passion!  A man who loves the white hot intensity of my love!  Someone who can flame the embers of romance!  Somebody who can stand a whole lot of fire-related puns and obvious jokes!

I want a man who can make love to me until my screams of ecstasy cover up the screams of my bubbling and liquifying flesh!  I want a man who knows how to use his "stake", and I'm not talking about the one I'm currently tied to and is burning blood soaked blisters into my back.

I want a man ... wait ... aiiiiiieeeeeee!  It burns!  Buuurrrrrnnnnssss!

Forgot I was on fire there for a moment!

Likes: Firemen
Dislikes: Puritans.  Honestly, turn a couple people to goats and kill a couple harvests, and they do this?  These people have no sense of humor!

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