Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sadomasicist Nurse Printing Panic

I've decided to start my own Dungeon of Debauchery!

Except the fliers I put out had a printing error!  What kind of weirdos -- well, different weirdos -- will my Dungeon of Debunkery bring in?

Many welcome greetings my compact-dressed ashen female!  I am big brain wonder woman, who's cranial capacity is as savagely tight as your dress!  I would enjoy immensely becoming a full-fledged member of your scintillating society of debunkery!  While I have throughly debunked all manner of conspiracy and cryptozoological interests, I would be more than happy to impart my vast wisdom to any future members of your wonderful club!

Why, yes, you may borrow my magic lasso!


Oh, I see.  Big brain wonder woman now understand the pun-like nature of the flier mistake.

I'd still like to stay.

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