Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hordak Celebrates Memorial Day

Hordak: While Hordak choses to celebrates holidays, Hordak does not give his employees any time off work for them, but Hordak does give employees 5% off any purchase from the lobby vending machines!

Hordak: Hordak would like to remember all the fallen soliders in Hordak's army of evil.  Wether they were cut in half by She-Ra's sword, crushed under that cheap repeating boulder animation, or just put to death for not turning in their quarterly reports on time, these heroes deserve mention.

There's the guy with the crazy eye stalks.  The hairy guy.  The, er, big muscle guy.  Stinkor?  Was he one of mine?  Hordak would look them up but that means he'd have an employee file, and that means possibly giving out benefits, and that's just not something a captain of industry like Hordak is willing to do.

What, 5% off twix isn't good enough?

Hordak would like to give special thanks to Shadow Weaver and her two ... wonderful ... skills.  If there is anything more American than Memorial Day, it's baseball, and if there's anything more known about baseball, it's second base, which is something I get to every time I pass her in a tight hallway.

Shadow Weaver: !!!!!!!

Hordak: Hordak would like to also remind folks that this is a day for our fallen heroes, not a day to launch another ill-timed sexual harassment lawsuit.  Hordak is already fighting enough of those!

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