Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Attractive, Hot Single Ladies 6

More hot ladies who are attractive, single, and probably cursed.  Beggar's can't be choosy!

Hey, guys, are you looking for a beach babe?  How about a hot girl that runs around in a bikini?  Would you be turned on by the sight of a stacked piece of lime jello being set on fire?  If you answered any of these questions "yes", or "no", or just a random set of numbers and grunts, then I'm the woman for you!

We'll take long walks on the beach and swim out near the outlets of the nuclear power plant.  We'll spend lazy nights lit by the eerie glow from my irradiated skin.  You can stare into my thin, super-model like face -- no baby fat here!  Or fat.  Or skin.  Or anything biological that hasn't already turned into a putrid pool of radioactive yellow goo and dripped down my body.

My hot bikini body!

Let's concentrate on that!

I should also note that I have a real sense for fashion.  Prints are in, wigs constructed of dried out twizzlers are in, and my pipe connector bracelet ($3.42, Ace Hardware) is the height of couture fashion!

What I'm looking for in a man is somebody with a high tolerance for radiation poisoning and/or a level 5 emergency contamination suit ... and a kind soul with a song in his heart!  Or a geiger counter.

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