Saturday, July 21, 2012

Greta Ghoul on Oddities: San Francisco

Greta Ghoul, queen of the slithering demons of the underworld, is really, really pissed!

Have any of you seen Oddities: San Francisco?

The goth woman, Wednesday Mourning?  Wednesday Mourning?  Come on!  That's me!  She stole my identity!  First off, I ripped off the Adam's Family first ... and mourning?  I wake up each "morning" to the "mourning" of the lost souls who's painful torture is connect by barbed whips to the very black mass of beating evil that is my heart!

She wears a wig and has a black parasol!  That doesn't count!  Not even close!

It takes a lot to piss me off but she's getting there, and she doing it riding the ten ton tank which is her cute looks and mysteriously good knowledge of history!

I suspect Cool McCool is behind this!

And I'm odd!  Very odd!  You don't need to go to some strange dude with a beard hiding in some extra smelly tent in San Francisco surrounded by craft projects from the Leatherface collection!  I've got bones!  Some even in my body, other's on the mantle, even others that construct Ghakadon, my dark skeleton guardian of the abyss!

Again, does Wednesday Mourning have an abyss?  I don't think so!

This has ruined my entire summer, and since half of America is on fire and I can imagine that every huggable and fuzzy forest creature is a current blackened ball of burnt fur, my summer was going pretty good!

Science Channel, I expect residuals soon!

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