Saturday, July 14, 2012


A quick detour from the general loquacious silliness I post here: look at these screen shots and read the captions in a Bela Lugosi "I'm hypnotizing you" voice:

You want this!  Blah, blah!
You want to pay 99 cents for 20 levels of fun! (Do crazy hand gesture)
Click now!  Don't think!  Click!  You are under my power!  You can not resist!

This is my game, Scruffy3D, available for iOS (iPhone 4 or iPad 2 or better), and OS X (any modern machine.)  99 cents!  The cost of about 82% of a donut!

Click on the links in the "Games I Made" section, off to the right.  Tell your friends!  Post to Facebook!  Spray paint on a famous monument!  Create a nano-virus to alter people's DNA so they constantly talk about Scruffy3D!  Call up the great Lovecraftian beasts that sleep in the dark corners of world and/or app stores.

The count commands you!

Seriously, for people to find you game, you need word of mouth.  I'm hoping my 3 readers will start that chain reaction.  Thanks for listening, next, back to silliness!

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