Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hordak Wins Gold in Business

Hordark: Hordark sees gold in dem der hills!

Hordak: Did you like Hordak's rustic miner imitation, and how Hordak has an idea about making wads of cash off the Olympics, and mentioned gold as an allusion to the medals they hand out?

There is not a single bone in Hordak's body that isn't constantly pushing out grand money making ideas like the one Hordak will be presenting to you.  Not a bone in Hordak's skull, nor a bone in Hordak's stylish bone hoodie, is without ideas!

So, let Hordak cut to the chase.  Olympics.  Woman's volleyball ...

Shadow Weaver: Watch it ... I have H.R. on speed dial ...

Hordak: What?  Hordak hasn't even presented his incredible ideal and you're already threatening to go to H.R.?  Hordak is, again, the victim here!

Hordak would kindly note -- and this is only regular work place team building -- that Shadow Weaver could stand to learn a thing or two about how to dress from the woman's volleyball team!  This might make the office a wholly more palatable place, and improve moral and productivity!

Skeletor: The life of an H.R. assistant is never dull.  I wonder what the trouble is ... sigh ... Hordak.

Hordak: Fine!  I'm trying to help!  Next time there's a team building exercise don't invite me!

Skeletor: You're not invited!  You're not allowed since ... the incident.

Hordak: Not my fault!  Next time, be more specific when the exercise is to "point out employees best features!"

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