Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mr Peevly Prepares for Christmas

Mr. Peevly, with the current state of the blog update.

In fond remembrance of the Hair Bear Bunch, and let's just say it wasn't turkey I cooked for Thanksgiving and yes, I am indeed and thankful for the smell of fur burning into rancid chunks of coal -- coal which I'm going to put into Ranger Smith's stocking with a note "This is how you deal with trouble makers" -- I'm back with my infrequent blog updates which is definitely not filler.

It's a little light in the posts department after the once a day Halloween celebration, but I want you to think back earlier to this year and my 11 part review snark scholarly research on Ed Wood Jr's Orgy of the Dead.  Well, don't think back hard enough to remember the content, you might never visit this blog again.

Coming in December, the ... I don't know, multi-part review snark scholarly research -- okay, snark, I admit it -- on The Adventures of Lucky Pierre, a Friedman/Lewis joint and one of the first "nudie cuties."

Scandalous in the day, just kind of innocently silly now.  Like this blog, minus the scandal and the innocence.

The posts are sure to include many interesting notes, candid observations, well thought out arguments, side notes into the beginnings of exploitation cinema, stories about the careers of Friedman and Lewis, or, possibly, just a lot of Borscht Belt shtick and many pairs of 1961 boobs.

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