Sunday, December 29, 2013

Roughly Fashionable

Only a couple days left in 2013, and this blog is still a spewing sewer outlet of flimsy comedy concepts and overly smirky execution.  So, in that same vein, let's examine the fashion choices of flash-in-the-pan 80s LA glam metal band Rough Cutt.  The extra T is for trouble, right here in river city.

Our singer is dressed as Hassletoss, a little know Lord of the Rings character who was both a circus ring master and magician, and absolutely fabulous doing either.

The entire suit is made out of the same cellophane they wrap fancy candies with.  The flag sleeves are a nice touch in case he's ever stuck on a battleship and needs to semaphore.

One of our guitarist is dressed as a really fancy WWI German fighter ace, Count Ludwig VonDorkelstein.  He was famous for claiming to have shoot down a beagle on a flying dog house.

The guy behind him really needs to get that psoriasis looked at.

The following sentence will be the first time anybody has paid any attention to the bass player in a glam band.

He looks like Paul Revere on the day he ran out of clean shirts.  There, I'm done.

Our second guitarist beat the hell out of Joey from Blossom and stole his clothes, which were what Hollywood thought that kids in high school were wearing.

It fits nicely with the scruffy beaver he's got glued to the top of his head.

Fringe was on sale at the local TJ Max.

It's hard to see (the video quality was pretty bad) but he's got on golden military style lapels.  I guess this makes him a Captain in the glam drumming army.  While the marching beats are fun, the weekly STD testing knocks out a ton of qualified cadets.

It wouldn't be an 80s glam video without hot babes, and in this case, two of them and their bedazzled hats.  And while I appreciate Rough Cutt returning enough booze bottles to rent the limousine, is it really a good choice to dress your video vixens in shorts so tight it gives them the butt of a slightly sexy plank?

Happy New Year!  Next year I promise you, my reader, that I'm going to try even harder to have intelligent, thought-provoking and introspective more of the same crappy comedy!

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