Saturday, April 5, 2014

Flipping Through Fredrick's 73, Part 2

More outfits from the 1973 Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog.  You can have them in any color, as long as that color is sea-foam green or cobalt blue, and any fit as long as you had your legs sawed off at the knees and replaced with shapely stilts.

Hello, and welcome to smutty airlines!  Please keep your pants in the upright position!  Before we begin the flight, I want to direct your attention to my gigantic gams, if only to distract from the flour factory explosion I'm wearing as hair.

In case of an emergency, nothing floats, as a matter of fact, your seat cushions are made of cement.  Not to worry, I'm tall enough to have my feet touch the bottom of the ocean, and the rest of you can ride in my cleavage, which I am helpfully pointing out.

The pants say Liberace, but the pose and hair style says Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS.  Sure, she's strict, but she's got nice boobs if you can find a ladder tall enough to get to them.  And yes, she'll always look down on your with that glance.  Except it, you worm.

I just invented third-person narrated BDSM!

Back to the sea-foam, eh?

I have to say, those are the biggest bell-bottoms I've ever seen, and that last statement isn't at all a setup.

I stand corrected.

This fine number is universally loved by the harem girls as those bell bottoms are big enough to sneak in extra men; one, two, or an entire football team.  That look on her face is joy at being able to bend those impossible stick legs without a major bone fracture.  She's probably just going to stay in this pose for the rest of her life, it's sexy, and I don't think she wants to risk moving that leg again.

You'll just have to go over to her.  She's not going to starve, she's got decades worth of frozen burritos in those pants.

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