Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flipping Through Fredrick's 73, Part 3

More from the 1973 Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog, this time from a page in B&W.  Just like your daddy remembers it ... your sick, sick, perverted dirty catalog peeking daddy.


The little cape off the back is not only fashionable, but can serve as a semaphore device, though about the only message you can signal is "check out my butt!"  It's good that extra scrap of fabric exists because it seems Fredrick's forgot to include the top part of the pants and this resourceful lady rubbed her butt in a paint tray.

Certainly that's a type of porn.  I'm not googling it.  Some things are best left unknown.

This is either a costume for being an extra on the Lynda Carter Variety Show, Marvel comics Satana cosplay, or sexy vampire.  Honestly, can't go wrong with any of those options.

You might think that's a come-hither look, but she's actually hiding the bite marks that turned her into one of the undead, who's lonely terror-filled nights are spent sucking the blood of the innocent and posing in ridiculous Fredrick's of Hollywood costume.  Surely, this is a creature to be pitied!

OK, was Wally Wood slumming for the Fredrick's catalog?  That's very Wood-ian.  That's not a joke, just an observation.

What, you want jokes?  It's a free blog, you ungrateful brats!  Have a little appreciation for one of the masters of the craft!

I'm sorry, I apologize, things have been hard on the farm.  The joke well has run dry, the cows are barely surviving on puns, and I don't think my family will make it through the winter, we only have 101 Elephant jokes and I don't think it'll be enough ...

I dream of a vampire/space alien Jeannie.  This is a great idea if you are expecting major trauma on your upper arms and don't want the paramedics to rip you fancy new dress.  Comes complete with sparkle nipples and a waist-line that says major shards from my lower ribs are now resting comfortably in my bowels.

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