Sunday, April 27, 2014

She's a Wonder! Part 3

Continuing our look at the 1940s Wonder Woman comic ... hey, wait a minute, who is this impostor?  And where did she get those fabulous shoes???

Moon Girl was a short lived Wonder Woman rip off from EC comics, just a couple years before EC broke out of the pack with it's horror books like Tales From the Crypt, Skeletons from the Graveyard, and Hairy but Kind of Sticky Things from the Junk Drawer.  Moon Girl was, in every way, better than most early Wonder Woman comics.  It was a bit more action packed -- not nearly as goofy -- and didn't have to constantly tie up it's hero, though our hero's man ("The Prince", don't ask) was not only tied up but has his package in full display in banana -- ha -- colored short-shorts.

It's almost as if they are fighting over that bulge!

I think the real visual here is Satana and her pretty rag-tag collection of projectiles.  There's some some shells and some rockets, and even a bullet or two thrown in for good measure.  Eschewing the regular red of devils, Satana sends out her evil barrage decked out in a nice green cocktail dress and matching Satan hoodie.

Obviously, "The Prince" is thinking "regardless of which one wins, I'm really the winner here!"  Not in those pants, guy.  Not in those pants.

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John Kerr said...

Her original name was "bukake battler babe"