Thursday, April 24, 2014

She's a Wonder! Part 2

If you are on any medicine that could potentially cause powerful hallucinations, please don't read this post.

If there was ever a need for a WTF it's this cover.  Let's note some of the amazing and frankly random things that make up this madhouse of a drawing:
  • That's either a green cloud, a super-rare 5 leaf clover, or the printer ran out of yellow.
  • Mr. Monocle's diamond heist plan included a side trip to Shamrock Land.  He's not a very good villain.
  • Two stiletto making elves with glowing hammers and a very ugly disposition.  They could be sitting back and watching ovens like those bastard cookie making elves, but no, they have to make fetish wear.  And the whole damn factory smells like feet!
  • Wonder Woman seems to be into feet binding.
  • One elf has his belt around his beard, and the other looks like Andy Rooney.
Note this is the fall issue, i.e., somebody fell on their head before drawing this.

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