Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunny Gore-ida: Love Goddesses of Blood Island, Part 2

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Continuing on with our look at Love Goddesses of Blood Island, which is shot in Florida so it's really Love Goddesses of Blood Peninsula, and really hasn't contained any exceptional amount of blood, so I'm thinking it's more Love Goddesses of Red Paint Peninsula, and, I guess none of these girls are really Goddesses -- so -- welcome back to our continuing look at Lounge Music Strippers of Red Paint Peninsula.

Last time, we had a completely boring dance number.  This time, I know things are going to ramp up!

Be honest, who has the silliest hair?

... with 5 minutes of talking head plot exposition.

The woman in the pink speaks with an accent of a cave hermit from New Jersey.  Nothing says "Island of Hot Women" then the sound of a slightly squeaky auto mechanic pouring out of a pretty face.

So I guess after that the action starts, right?

The woman on the left sun-tans in a nuclear blast furnace.

Or just another damned dance number!

Luckily, this remote island has a bikini shop.  Unluckily, everything is in gold lamé.  What's next, I dread to ask?

Did the script really call for that look of regret?

No one will be seated during the riveting shaving sequence.  Even the pig seems bored, and he's been skinned, stabbed, cooked, and made of paper mâché

And what's next on the action packed parade, he asks, knowing full well:

The pig cooked himself after the third dance number.

More dancing.  I'm beginning to think this is less an island of Love Goddesses and more an Island of Low Impact Jazzercise.

Finally, something exciting: A pool of White Out Mountain Dew!

Finally, at least some frolicking.  That's action packed if you squint one eye and then stab yourself with a bar-b-que fork in the other.  Ignore that the frolicking is happening in an obvious vinyl pool surrounded by appliqué marble.

BTW, there's one A and two E's in this article with accent marks.  That was a lot of extra key strokes! It's that kind of finely crafted artistry and/or cut-n-paste from Wikipedia that you, my two readers and various shut-ins, demand.  You're welcome!

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