Saturday, May 3, 2014

Post #333: Jody the Pig Finds a Job

It's post #333, and that starts us off on another poorly premised comedy post based on the kind of minutia and in-jokes that I've used to become a top comedy blog -- if you ignore all other blogs (including ones based solely on creating doilies) and if you don't consider the jokes written on bubble gum wrappers as blog posts.

Thus, we investigate the newly found resume of Jody the Pig.

Jody the Pig

Little Girl Befriending
Boat House Demolition
Fly Wrangling

That, right there, is some high caliber comedy writing ... if you know the reference.*

* might be untrue**
** certainly untrue***
***my lawyer asks that I put a further disclaimer that any headaches, seizures, lose of muscle and/or bladder control, and over-use of the word "patooie" are not the fault of this blog****
**** its probably the fault of this blog*****
***** honestly, this was all an excuse so I could draw a demon pig for blog #333******
****** thanks for playing along!

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