Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Greta Ghoul's Easter Celebration

Greta Ghoul, black hearted minion of creeps, with another holiday message!

Greta, people ask me, which is understandable because starting with "Susan" or "Bobby Sue" would be weird -- but I digress -- how do you celebrate Easter, the most fluffy of holidays?

You'd be surprised, but I like to do it with rabbits!  Mounds of furry snuggle bunnies!  Heaps of fuzzy-wuzzy huggable cuteness!  Big eyed, big eared winkled nosed bundles of happiness!  So many it's a virtual mountain of bunnies!

Wait, did I say bunnies?

I meant bunny heads.

A mass of rotting, bleeding-stumped blank-eyed gore-dripping heads.

Happy Easter!

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