Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Isis Goes To College

Ah, the first day of college!

I wonder who my new roomie will be?  I bet we'll be the best of friends!  We'll hang out, go to parties, and we'll ...

... aaaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeee!

Salutations, my educational institution co-boarder!  I also agree that we will be great friends and associates -- and with my enormous cranial capacity I am never wrong, 

I am at this college in search of many males with whom I might initiate intimate snuggling periods.  As I know ever iota of knowledge imaginable, the only thing I lack at this college is males who refrain from screaming while running in a vector opposite to the one that might bring them to me.


Obviously, you are the least attractive between us, and as my appearance is much more pleasing, you will serve admirably as my "wing woman."  Come, let us go forward and procure many males!  Big Brain Wonder Woman is not getting any younger or smarter!

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