Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hordak's HR Troubles

Hordak knows what he likes around office ... babes!

Hordak certainly hope that the last "photocopier incident" -- as Hordak's lawyer says he must refer to the mass email of Hordak's nether regions to the office ladies -- hasn't lowered office productivity ... or raised office skirts!  Ho-hah!  Hordak a very funny harasser!

Shadow Weaver, where's my new secretary!


I hope you followed my instruction and got me somebody hot!

Hello there, muscles!  I'm ready to be ... dictated ... to!

Is that ... a dirty pun?

I heard there was a special mailing list I could get on, you big hunk of chiseled blue bear!  Is there an archive?  What's the penalty for mis-use of office equipment, like, say, the top of my desk?  Would it be a spanking?

Oh, and I made you some ... copies.  I had to turn up the contrast, because there's normally a lot of grays there, but, as I say, once you go gray, you're there to stay!

Guess Hordak need to burn the photocopier!

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