Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Cursed Spook's Curse of All Hallow's Eve

Come to my eerie crypt, children!  There will be candy, cobwebs, pumpkins, plastic bats made in China, and the evil vengeance of the curse of the spook!

Every year, I have many children who visit my eerie crypt.  They come in their colorful costumes and demand treats; they expect dark spells from the dead, or communion with the very forces of the spirit world.

What they get is the full unholy force of the curse.

They get a bag of pennies.

If I run out of pennies, they get very, very sticky popcorn balls.

Ha ha ha ha!  Beware the curse!

And if these little deviants feel they must trick me, I have a worse curse in mind.  I send them to my neighbors, who call Halloween "Happy Autumn" and hand out Chick Tracks.

My curse is complete!  Suffer the torment of humorous people who ruin everything!  Ha ha ha ha!

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