Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Season 2012

... and so it begins!  All through October get ready for the most rip-roaring, hoot-hollowing, other regional dialect malapropisms (note: already misusing a word, that's a bad sign) pieces of internet comedy you've ever seen.  Some might actually even be funny!  That is if I work up the steam for it.  No guarantees!

At least I'll be part of a collective that full of great blogs, CryptKeeper's annual Halloween countdown!

Included will be a long lost work hailed by many historians comic readers as the holy grail of comics.  A complete scan -- spread throughout the month -- of the 1950s pre-code horror comic "Count Skully's Crypt of Convenient Coincidence."  While EC comics (publisher of Tales from The Crypt) were front and center in the government decency hearings, Count Skully's comic was front and center at the government can-you-at-least-try-to-draw-something-decently hearings.  After that, and for many decades, a badly drawn dark cloud descended upon 3rd-grade level crayon drawing on used bloody butcher's paper.

Now, this lost gem resurfaces, no matter how many people keep trying to push it back under.

So get ready, my 4 readers and 182 spam link bots, for Parade of Horrorables Halloween 2012, starting Oct 1st!