Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quiz Time!

What's in the Black Ghoul's Bouffant?

Could it be?
  • A corn silo?
  • Framed with Lincoln Logs?
  • Criswell's dignity?
  • A buffet .. get it ... bouffant?  Buffet?  That killed them in Vaudeville!  Laid them out in the aisles!  A real corker!
  • An intricate construction of bent wire hangers and gaffer's tape?
  • Some kind of structural support for the push-up bra?
  • An actual joke to make this post worth the 8 seconds it takes to read it?

Mail the correct answers to:

Ed Wood Jr's Men's Soft Sweater Club
Cashmere Blvd

Prizes will be awarded by Criswell passed out drunk behind your recycling bin.

Prize is one coupon for an Orgy of the Dead of your choice.  Prize has no cash value.  Prize has no value at all.  Can substitute for an Orgy of the Slightly Inconvenienced.

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