Sunday, January 27, 2013

Attractive, Hot Single Ladies 11

You guys either start calling up to take out our ladies, of we loosen their chain and they can come visit you whenever they want!

This beauty likes to keep her figure by dancing, glowing, and keeping a well-balanced meal of souls.  She's perfect for anybody that loves ballet, hot bodies, and the clacking of gum-less chompers.

She's looking for a man and loves to boogie, but isn't necessarily a bogeyman.  [Editors note: We told her not to use that joke on her form, but she threatened to curse us with icky dry mouth and frankly we've got a huge back-stock of ladies -- some even come with coffin -- and we'll do about anything to push one of these off on a poor unsuspecting sucker find everlasting love.]

Give us a call and let this lovely creature dance into your heart, usually straight through the rib cage.

Likes: Whitening toothpaste, applied over entire face
Dislikes: People storing nick-nacks in her eye sockets

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