Friday, January 11, 2013

KnowNothings Mark II: Jazz Odyssey

A slight break, my pseudo band KnowNothings is putting together some new material, and I always like to slap together a older instrumental and a classical guitar piece.

So, for your listening pleasure (not much comedy in this post, and hopefully none for listening to these tracks!)

[Links removed, coming back soon, stay tuned!]

These are m4a files, iTunes and a number of other software will play them.

Leave some comments to tell me what you think.  And if the comments are spam, I will consider that means you love them so much that you want to give me great prices on pills to make my love life better.


Spankdoody McTartquaggle said...

hun your hairstyle is fab but that is no excuse for garageband drums. go to a salon sometime, they can fix your glam up good with some VST (very seductive tonsure), maybe dye and perm, wear it up in some Fruity Loops, start with a good rinse. these days I got a Reason (6.0) to be jammin

Brian Barnes said...

At least there's no auto tune .... yet.

Nancy said...

Just got a chance to listen. Enjoyed "In the Mood" as always, though I hear more bass than I want with this one. Loved "The Dodge"; I could listen to this over and over. More.